How to get New Clients with Facebook

How to get New Clients with Facebook

Getting new clients for your business is something of great importance these days. You could have the greatest product since sliced bread and if no one hears about it you’re gonna end up in a really bad position.


With the social media booming and all the emerging networks, it has become really easy to put your products and services in front of your customers’ eyes.


Facebook does a good job when combined with other external assets like websites, blogs, landing pages and so on.


So, how do we attract and get new clients and customers with Facebook?


Here’s what you could do. You should start working on the following things in order to have enough content promoting and presenting your brand.


Having a corporate blog or a blog that dwells on topics that your customers want to read is one thing.


The other thing is preparing various presentations, templates and e-books that could further establish your business and your brand as an authority in your field.



Having all that set up you could then prepare some Facebook page posts that dwell on a particular topic and focus on just a small part from a bigger piece of content.


These posts should just give a small fraction or just a small idea of what people can learn if they visit your website, blog or landing page. They are the bait!



Providing custom made images can help you get the attention of your prospects when they are browsing through their news feeds.


Getting new clients

There are basically two main ways that can help you get new clients on Facebook. Direct method and Indirect method. You can generate new leads when you share some new content that redirects people to a landing page let’s say with a contact or registration form. This way of getting leads is a direct one.


An indirect way of doing that is when you generate new leads via content that is shared on Facebook and that provides easy to digest information that is not parked behind a form of some kind.


Almost forgot!

There actually is a third way I can think of… And it is the paid advertising on Facebook. But before you go that road you should make sure that you have identified your customers’ objections.


The next step is to prepare a kick ass landing page that will grab your readers’ attention like a magnet.


Once you do that you can then start creating your Facebook Advertising Plan.


Lead Generation

We can once again say that we can have direct and indirect way of generating leads via Facebook.


When sharing landing pages for a download product or an offer that provides e-books, whitepapers and templates we use the direct method.


When we share content like photos, albums, blog articles, videos or events we say that we use the indirect method.


But the most important thing when publishing on Facebook is to provide a mixed variety of content. Content that you have to make sure is aligned with your corporate and branding goals.


Content that will make your posts the perfect social media posts for your business.


REMEMBER! The more comments, likes and shares you get the bigger the chances are for more clicks and clients.

April 05, 2016 in Facebook